Wednesday 4 January 2012

A Sad Announcement

With great sadness this weblog regrets to inform its readers of the death of the real Tufty the cat. Tufty, who spent several happy years at his owners' country home after being rescued in 2006, died suddenly this morning after a suspected heart attack.

Tufty, who took a great interest in the legal papers that one of his owners kept bringing home, was the inspiration for the pseudonymous writer of many items on the IPKat weblog, from his first appearance in August 2007 (here) through to his departure from the IPKat in January 2011 to begin this weblog in order to pursue his own path among the esoterica of patent law. His proudest moment was being mentioned by Lord Hoffmann in relation to the amicus brief Tufty submitted to the EPO on G 3/08 (details of which can be found here and here). He was also proud of his more minor contribution to the UK IPO opinions service.

In real life, Tufty was a very loving cat and was often to be found obscuring papers and computer monitors at his home, looking for affection. His favourite food was fresh baby rabbits (caught by himself), and he loved a vigorous head rub from his owners.

Tufty's owners would like to express their gratitude to the charity Cats Protection for looking after Tufty and his friend Pod while they were waiting to be homed and for providing them with such a special cat. He will be greatly missed.